Hello Visitors To The Pepakura Costuming Wiki,

My name is John W. and I am also known as Nintendude or Vagabond by many fan communites, I am the creator of this website and my associate Lunar Lord is the assistant of the website and he puts the files onto the Wiki for people to download. I have been creating Pepakura Files now for many years and I started by stumbling onto it when I was searching 3D methods since then I have created over 300 files and counting. All of my creations will always remain free to download as that is the way I do things I don't belive you have to pay for everything to maintain a hobby in life. I have only created 3 Pepakura costumes for myself and I am currently working on my 4th costume which will be revealed at Dragon*Con 2010. I have plenty of plans ahead in the future for the site as well as files that will influnce more people to join, and more people to become intrested in this hobby. Pepakura is only a way of taking a 3D Model and converting it into a 2D object which can be printed, assembled, hardened and worn for parties, events, or conventions, it really takes no skill to do and all it requires is patience and time. Enjoy the site and if at anytime you want to reach me feel free to suggest something that can be added or let me know about my work my e-mail address is have a nice day and enjoy.

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